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About Us

Circa 2013

Acts International Artists Inc. Is a boutique company whose main purpose is to assist creatives with their visions and goals. 


Our mission is to inspire humanity to believe in the power of self-preservation


Acts International Artists seeks to ignite creativity through a collective engagement. We support the realization of divine purpose cultivated through gifts and talents. Our core values are based on ethics of mutual respect concerning the human rights of all people regardless of their race, creed, color, or cultural identity.

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Meet The Team

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Candace Carey

Candace Carey President of Acts International Artists and co-founder of United Collective Artists NFP,  as equally important Candace is an actress, author, activist, paralegal, Executive Producer, and co-host. Candace brings enthusiasm and twenty years of experience and expertise within the film and television sector.  Her most recent works and collaborations are;  Dreamland, a fiction-based novel, Drumline

(Twentieth Century Fox) Box Office film and The National Reparation Initiative. Candaces executive producer & creative director: Collective Sessions, Justice Chicago Radio Show, Being Muslim Series and The Reparations IL. Chapters Docuseries.  Candace's work in organizing a deployment of over twenty "DC Peace Team" members as unarmed civilian protection and accompaniment efforts to establish a standard of Peace and accountability. Shortly after this event, BLM was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize 2021.    


Gwenda Christie

Gwenda  M. Christie  VP of the Advisory board for Acts International Artists is a seasoned vet when it comes to new talent. Gwenda comes from a Christian family of ministers, military, and educators and is a descendant of African Freedmen ( ADOS).  Gwenda believes encouraging and uplifting is something she was born to do.  Gwenda has more than twenty-five years of experience both paid and voluntary in public service. Her television debut was an American classic, Miami Vice original television series she often worked alongside actor Don Johnson, on-screen accredited, "In Country" Movie, commercial print, and voice-overs.


              Alia Sarfraz

Alia Sarfraz CEO of Acts International Artists, Co-Founder of United Collective Artists NFP, Board Member of Illinois
First Humanity, and Former Green Party State Rep. Candidate. Alia Sarfraz has a background in Science and Law and has
worked on governmental initiatives and law reform proposals working for communities in Australia and the USA. She has
a global perspective in assessing issues and concerns and has blogged, and represented clients be they plaintiffs, defendants, or
the government. Currently, Alia is Creative Director for Collective Sessions, Being Muslim Series, Chicago 52, and Healing
America, The Reparation's, IL. Chapter Docuseries. Alias natural keen sense for detail, creative ideas, and ability to work
with all cultures is a welcomed attribute. Alias work can be noted with Reparations cause, Collective Sessions in addition
to assisting with rebranding public figures and the like.


        MONDAY - FRIDAY 10:00 - 7:00 

 SATURDAY 10:00 - 3:00



575 PHARR RD. N. E. 




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